To The Next Generation of Leaders:

So, you want to be a leader, and you’re seeking out advice on how to do that. First off, congrats! You have the right mindset. The fact that you want to get better and actively seek methods to improve shows that you have the ability to “level up” and be that leader. That’s step one, but it takes...
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Welcome to Killi, #YourDataRevolution

You say you want a revolution, well ya know, we all want to change the world. —John Lennon
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Drowning Our Humanity in a Digital Sea of The “Like-Minded”

A social platform that was designed to bring people together has really shown to do the opposite. I’m not blaming Facebook, since we really have ourselves to blame, but the platform’s algorithm, coupled with our tendencies as humans, is tearing us apart as a society. The good thing is that there is...
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I want to learn more about Freckle