New Killi Brand Panel Helps Marketers Go Further Down the Purchase Funnel

by Jenny Fahlbush

Recently, Freckle announced the full integration of privacy-compliant data from Killi with the product suite of media measurement, targeting and footfall services.

With GDPR firmly in place and CCPA knocking on the door of the U.S. market (January 2020), Freckle is embracing the need for fully compliant, first-party data by underpinning offline attribution and targeting solutions with Killi.

No one in the market can go this far down the purchase funnel with an agnostic, impartial solution and data that is sourced directly from the consumer complete with an audit trail of explicit consent–a requirement of GDPR and other pending legislation such as CCPA.

How Marketers Can Go Further Down the Purchase Funnel: Killi Brand Panel

With the Killi Brand Panel, marketers gain access to a 1:1 consumer panel that is unmatched from an engagement standpoint.

The Killi panel offers marketers direct access to consumers who were exposed to an advertisement and visited a location to then ask specific questions related to intent, purchase or visitation. This level of detail along the customer journey is really the holy grail for marketers. For example, until now an automotive dealership knew the fundamental ratio of 4 or 5 visits to 1 purchase. But, with the Killi panel, marketers can ask those who are exposed to an advertisement AND visited a location about critical purchase or behavioral questions such as:

  • Did you buy a car when visiting this dealership? -or-
  • How many dealerships did you visit before buying a vehicle?

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies face an added challenge of accessing data around a purchase at retailers who carry their brands. Now, CPG companies can match consumers who saw an ad for their product with a visit to retailers such as WalMart or Target and ask:

  • What other products did you look at before purchasing this one? -or-
  • Did your decision to purchase come down to price, package design or location in the store?

Allowing Traditional Retailers to Compete with Direct to Consumer Brands

Traditional retail businesses face a broad range of competitive pressures, especially from the rise in direct to consumer (DTC) brands who have a natural advantage in building direct relationships with customers through their business model. Add to this the rise of Amazon and other walled gardens who are controlling consumer data and new tools are needed to regain control of the customer relationship. The answer is the Killi Brand Panel.

Prove Your Marketing Works and Build Deeper Relationships with Your Customers

The guesswork on consumer purchase intent disappears with the Killi Brand Panel and creates real-time data direct from the consumer. This vertically integrated move by Freckle makes an already unmatched measurement solution the true market leader for brands that need to prove their marketing works and build deeper relationships with their customers.

If you are interested in adding Killi first-party data to your marketing strategy or leveraging the Killi Brand Panel then click here and a Freckle sales representative will contact you soon.

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