Freckle Named Promising Startup to Watch

We’re honored to be part of Startup City Magazine’s recent ranking of the 15 Most Promising IoT Startups of 2019.
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A Brief Overview of Media Measurement

What You Need to Know to Start Evaluating Your Impact Media measurement evaluates the effectiveness of marketing investment across multiple platforms in driving activity around a brand—and ultimately return on investment (ROI) or return on ad spend (ROAS).
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New Killi Brand Panel Helps Marketers Go Further Down the Purchase Funnel

Data Sourced Direct From the Consumer for Enhanced Insights Recently, Freckle announced the full integration of privacy-compliant data from Killi with the product suite of media measurement, targeting and footfall services. With GDPR firmly in place and CCPA knocking on the door of the U.S. market...
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Key Insights on Purchase Behavior for Automotive Customers

Freckle and Killi have released the quarterly Path to Purchase: Automotive Footfall report for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Automotive marketers will learn how long a consumer is in the market for a new vehicle, how long they research a vehicle and the type of promotions that drive consumers to...
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Freckle Announces Attribution Backed By Fully Compliant Data

Today we officially announced the integration of Killi into the Freckle measurement solution.
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Engagement vs Retention

Employee retention affects everyone at a company. Whether it’s a constant turnover that promotes stagnant work or loyal employees that have outgrown the company. It’s difficult to ensure that both the company and its employees are always moving in the same direction.
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Your Messaging Matters for Marketing to Car Buyers

Freckle and Killi recently launched the latest footfall report in a series focused on the automotive market in the U.S. and Canada. The Freckle IoT: Path to Purchase Automotive Report for Q4 2018 highlights key trends about the changing demographic of car buyers in both markets. Marketers must...
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A Compliance-Privacy Tsunami Will Slam Into the Data Ecosystem in 2019: Big Changes to Watch

Freckle IoT Founder and CEO, Neil Sweeney shares his 2019 predictions for the data ecosystem in 2019 with Street Fight Magazine.
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Freckle Automotive Footfall Report Shows Key Consumer Buying Preferences in Canada

Today, Freckle has launched the first in a series of footfall reports for the Automotive market: Path to Purchase: Automotive, Footfall Report-Canada Q3 2018. Insights from the report included:
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The Countdown to CCPA 2020 Means You Need to Do Something Now

Yesterday at the LSA’s Place Conference in New York City, Neil Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Killi, shared his perspective on the data revolution that is coming. As Neil puts it, the ‘Privacy Genie’ is out of the bottle and will not go back in. There are three big themes impacting how we move...
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